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Oregon Legislature Passes New Student Financing Plan

7 Aug

Hey readers! I’ve gotten an influx of assignments from The Collegiate Blog and Fiverr (which I refer to as Freelancing 101), and this can only be a good thing, but unfortunately my Rustlerettes (can I call you guys that?) have had a shortage of original content. Here is my latest Collegiate post, and over here is my boyfriend Cory’s response to it over at Wumbonomics.

My inbox is open to assignments, pitches, and user submitted content, as always! I really do want to buy this domain at some point and I’d like a reason to keep this blog going.


Are Grading Systems Not Subjective Enough?

25 Jul

I promised I’d show y’all my content from The Collegiate, you can read my latest op-ed here.


The Collegiate Blog

21 Jun

The Collegiate Blog

I’ve recently started writing for these guys, it’s a really great resource for people still dealing with the college process. Would’ve made my life a lot easier when I was in high school!