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Juliana, 19, NYC suburbs born n’ raised.

I’ve wanted to be a journalist since my junior year of high school when I realized I could capitalize on my ability to get strangers to talk to me about their personal lives. My first love was political activism, so my interest in journalism stems from my desire to make people aware of how horrible the world is and how we can go about changing it, as well as the fact that I only ever enjoyed my AP English classes in high school.

In my spare time, when I have any, I enjoy watching documentaries, reading up on government injustices, shaking my fist at partisan media, trying to grasp basic economic concepts, coming up with creative ways to make four-course meals with minimal groceries and arguing about the different ways to reconcile libertarianism and feminism.  My obsessions include Beat novels, smoosh-faced dogs, collecting vinyl and elephant figurines, thrift stores and Kanye West. My apartment is a mess. My life is a logistical nightmare.


Ian Galope, DC/MD area
Idealist high school achiever, anarchist college-dropout. Graphic/Web Designer but aspiring cultivator of all specialized skills. I have 3 cats and one (weiner) dog. I make coffee for money when I’m not drinking forty ounces. Please hire me.


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