The 3D Printing “Revolution”

13 Jul

One of my favorite things to recently happen on the Internet was every single libertarian collectively shitting their pants over “The Liberator”, while a gun made out of plastic probably poses more danger to the user than anything you’d be shooting at. While the idea of making your own guns is hella cool, the fact that 3D printing is expensive as shit, and not very accessible (yet) sort of puts a damper on the Internet antistatist community’s excitement. Also, the notion that DIY guns will hurt companies like Smith and Wesson is sort of ridiculous, because established gun companies make products that… well, products that work.

To be honest, I’m way more scared of the stigma placed on people with mental illnesses with state gun regulations than a libertarian running around with a plastic gun. 3D printing is extremely cool technology no doubt, and the fact that it’s been used for things like hip replacements and sex toys is fantastic, but it’s gonna be a long time before anyone has a 3D printer in their home, and an even longer time before homemade guns oust Smith and Wesson.

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