Screw Your Elitist Crap, Thrifting is Awesome

1 Jul

So recently, Macklemore decided to make thrift shops cool again with this jam:

Which I’ll admit, I bumped in my whip on the way to NYC for an intense thrifting adventure. Although Buffalo Exchange only bought two of the things I brought in, and I had about $20 on me that needed to go towards gas, I dug walking around and poking my head in thrift (vintage, for all you upscale New Yorkers) stores to see the stuff they had out. I worked at two thrift shops in high school, and being able to sift through the stuff people brought in to claim the coolest stuff for myself in exchange for my paycheck was one of the most fun work experiences I’ve had.


Who needs to pay for a car when you’ve got a bitchin’ genie lamp?

Although most things in thrift stores don’t smell like R Kelly’s sheets, for some reason people I know seem to have an aversion to buying people’s old stuff. Which I don’t understand at all. I think there’s a lot of merit in the barter system, especially for people like me whose current profession is begging their parents for money, and thrifting is sort of like that, you have more space in your living quarters, and someone else gets your old stuff. I have some horror stories about stuff people have brought in, but as a whole, most of us are pretty clean in general. Also, washing machines were invented for a reason.


It’d be bitchin’ if someone would send me Polaroid film in exchange for blog posts.

Plus, throwing your stuff out is no fun. Wouldn’t you rest easier knowing some broke kid is spinning your Revolver record and pretending to be cool?


This was totally necessary to my survival.

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