Why I’m Not at NYC Pride

30 Jun

As an aggressively queer chick from the greater NYC area, you may be wondering why I’m shut in at Starbucks today instead of partying at one of the biggest pride festivals in the world.

Now I don’t have an issue with pride in and of itself. I “get” it, I have a rainbow bumper sticker, and I recently bought a rainbow flag to hang in the house I’ll be moving into. I understand the need to have pride in your sexuality, but I don’t feel any sort of obligation to the “queer community” as a whole. Maybe because people who claim to be so open love to pick on me for being bisexual and dating men, maybe because I’m a grumpy asshole. I don’t know. Pride events make me feel sort of weird, like I’m betraying my sour journalistic instincts. Plus, the straight women who go to gawk at gay men in tight shorts sort of make my stomach churn.

Being the grumpy cat that I am, I prefer to discuss hard-hitting queer issues without the rainbow veneer. Plus, NYC traffic and trains are a nightmare to begin with, so the last thing I need to do is day-drink and be stuck in a rainbow commuter hodgepodge.

It’s currently raining, and for the sake of all of you at the parade, I hope it lets up.

Happy pride though! This is probably the best time to be gay in America, and y’all have every right to celebrate. But I’ll be here, blogging.


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