Finally, progress that doesn’t make me grumpy.

21 Jun

Finally, progress that doesn’t make me grumpy.

As an angry, bisexual college student, you can probably guess I’m very much into queer politics, almost to a fault. I tend to turn my nose up at marriage equality bills, and cry statism at queer advocacy groups who push for policy change instead of a change in mindset and the way we educate the public on queer issues. The disconnect between a gay man being shot in a bias attack in Manhattan’s famous Greenwich Village, a supposedly “gay friendly” neighborhood, while the left cries for marriage equality, highlights the failures of this social movement.

But recently, the “ex-gay” group Exodus International has closed its doors for good. Not only that, but it’s president, Alan Chambers admitted to being attracted to dudes. Finally, we have a fundamentalist group reversing it’s attitude towards us queers, and bringing to light the phenomenon of closeted gay people acting overtly homophobic. Changing the attitude of the average moderate on the street is easy, it’s easy enough to show pictures of Neil Patrick Harris and his (admittedly, adorable) family to normalize the visibility of queer families, but for a Christian group, and one that’s been so adamantly against same-sex attraction, to come out and say they were wrong the entire time? That’s the hard stuff. That’s what signifies progress. We may still have a collectivist movement that appeals to the state too much, but this is a win, and one that will make all of our lives easier in the long run by striking a blow to Christian fundamentalist movements that have some of the most outspoken anti-queer views in the United States.

We have a long way to go until queer individuals enjoy full equality, but I can sleep a little easier knowing that one of the meanest heads of the anti-queer movement has been severed.


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